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  1. The Power of Angels
    Wendy Hobson
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    Since ancient times, people have sought spiritual guidance to cope with life's ups and downs. This book looks at ways in which we can access angelic help to change our lives for the better. Introducing you to some of famous angels and history and legends, and others more obscure, Wendy Hobson examines the tradition of angles and show how to call
  2. Unblocked : A Revolutionary Approach to Tapping into Your Chakra Empowerment Energy to Reclaim Your Passion, Joy, and Confidence
    Margaret Lynch Raniere, David Ph.D Raniere
    Many of us carry around pain and grief from traumas we've experienced in the past. Unblocked offers a pathway to empowerment and healing by freeing up your blocked chakra energy. Chakras, auras & spiritual energy
  3. The Little Book of Chakras : Balance your subtle energy for health, vitality, and harmony
    Patricia Mercier
    The chakras are vibrant, coloured energy wheels or centres of spiritual power, located within the subtle body, through which our life energy flows.
  4. Empath's Survival Guide,The : Life Strategies for Sensitive People
    Judith Orloff
    What is the difference between having empathy and being an empath? "Having empathy means our heart goes out to another person in joy or pain," says Judith Orloff, MD. "But for empaths it goes much further.
  5. Secret Gratitude Book
    Rhonda Byrne
    "The Secret Gratitude Book" is the only official, authorized companion to the original book.
  6. Do Something for Nothing : Seeing beneath the surface of homelessness, through the simple act of a haircut
    Joshua Coombes
    When you're on the fringes of society, being recognised can mean everything. In 2015, while working at a London hair salon, Joshua Coombes took to the streets with his scissors to build relationships with people sleeping rough in the capital, and began posting transformative images on social media to amplify their voices. Housing & homelessnes
  7. Health Qigong: Mawangdui Daoyin Exercises
    The Chinese Health Qigong Association
    Oriental martial arts The book may serve as a reference for people who wish to practice the exercises to prevent disease and prolong life.
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