Science Fiction

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  1. The Erstwhile : Book Two in the Vorrh Trilogy
    Brian Catling
    Series: Vorrh Trilogy.The Vorrh is a vast unmapped and very mysterious jungle in Africa. No-one comes out of it in one piece. POS
    Out of Stock
  2. Thrawn: Treason (Star Wars) : 3
    Timothy Zahn
    Series:Star Wars: Thrawn. Since then, Thrawn has been one of the Empire's most effective instruments, pursuing its enemies to the very edges of the known galaxy.
  3. 1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four
    George Orwell
    HarperCollins is proud to present its incredible range of best-loved, essential classics. Winston Smith rewrites history. It's his job.
  4. Children Of Dune : The Third Dune Novel
    Frank Herbert
    The epic that began with the HUGO and NEBULA Award-winning classic DUNE -- now a major motion picture from the director of Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival -- continues ... The sand-blasted world of Arrakis has become green, watered and fertile.
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story
    Mur Lafferty
    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €15.99
    Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy in this thrilling novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story.
    Out of Stock
  6. Xeelee: Redemption
    Stephen Baxter
    Special Price €10.00 Regular Price €17.99
    Michael Poole finds himself in a very strange landscape . . . This is the centre of the Galaxy. And in a history without war with the humans, the Xeelee have had time to built an immense structure here.
  7. Rendezvous With Rama
    Sir Arthur C. Clarke
    Rama is a vast alien spacecraft that enters the Solar System. A perfect cylinder some fifty kilometres long, spinning rapidly, racing through space, Rama is a technological marvel, a mysterious and deeply enigmatic alien artefact.
  8. Doctor Who: Engines of War
    George Mann
    The Great Time War has raged for centuries, ravaging the universe. Scores of human colony planets are now overrun by Dalek occupation forces.
  9. Kingdom of Shadow and Light : A Fever Novel
    Karen Marie Moning
    MacKayla Lane faces the ultimate threat when war breaks out between the kingdoms of shadow and light, as the #1 New York Times bestselling Fever series races to an explosive revelation.
  10. The Martian : Stranded on Mars, one astronaut fights to survive
    Andy Weir
    A survival story for the 21st century and the international bestseller behind the major film from Ridley Scott, starring Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain.
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