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  1. Child Health and Well-being (0-6 years)
    Niamh Gaine
    Comprehensive introduction to all key concepts and practices required for the care, well-being, safety and health of children aged 0–6 years in ELC settings in Ireland.
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  2. Growth and Development in Early Childhood
    Josephine Donohoe, Eileen McDermott, Caroline Regan
  3. Professional Practice in ELC
    Josephine Donohoe, Eileen McDermott, Caroline Regan
  4. Counselling Skills for Social Workers
    Hilda Loughran
    Counselling skills are very powerful. Really listening and providing compassionate empathy without judging is a core part of social work practice with service users.
  5. Nursing Studies Theory & Practice
    Ingrid Condell
    NEW comprehensive introduction to contemporary professional nursing in Ireland. Explores the history and development of nursing and the influence of EU Directives and societal and economic changes on the profession.
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  6. Infertility, IVF and Miscarriage: The Simple Truth
    Sean Watermeyer
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    For anyone struggling to conceive or have a child naturally, this straightforward self-help book could be the answer.
  7. The Pelvic Floor Bible : Everything You Need to Know to Prevent and Cure Problems at Every Stage in Your Life
    Jane Simpson
    Straightforward, no-nonsense guidance on one of the most vital (and often ignored) women's health and wellbeing issues.
  8. Menopause : All you need to know in one Concise Manual
    Dr Louise R Newson
    Menopause : All you need to know in one Concise Manual will explain and clarify all areas of meopause, so that the reader understands the stages and symptoms and knows what treatments are safe and effective for their particular needs.
  9. ABC of Quality Improvement in Healthcare
    Tim Swanwick, Emma Vaux
    Written and edited by some of the leading clinicians and managers in the field, ABC of Quality Improvement is designed for clinicians new to the discipline, as well as experienced leaders of change and improvement.
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