Science & Geography

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  1. Power : Limits and Prospects for Human Survival
    Richard Heinberg
    Essential reading for everyone who calls planet Earth home.
  2. The Book of Hope
    Jane Goodall, Douglas Abrams
    A Survival Guide for an Endangered Planet
  3. Comprehensive Management of Vestibular Schwannoma
    Edited by: Matthew L. Carlson, Colin L.W. Driscoll, Michael J. Link
    This new publication is superb... the best book, even by the standards of this publisher, in a very long time. 
    Volume editor Elisa Raffaella Ferre, Laurence R. Harris
  5. The Coastal Atlas of Ireland
    Edited by Robert Devoy, Val Cummins, Barry Brunt, Darius Bartlett, Sarah Kandrot
    Nowhere else in the world has such an all-embracing and multifaceted exploration of a nation's, or an island's, coast been undertaken.
  6. Immune : The new book from Kurzgesagt
    Philipp Dettmer
    Out now: The first book from the creator of the wildly popular science YouTube channel, Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell, a gorgeously illustrated deep dive into the immune system that will change how you think about your body forever.
  7. Entangled Life (Paperback)
    Merlin Sheldrake
    The phenomenal Sunday Times bestseller exploring how fungi make our worlds, change our minds and shape our futures
  8. Eureka! The Birth of Science
    Andrew Gregory
    Special Price €8.99 Regular Price €10.99
    Andrew Gregory, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at University College London, unravels the genesis of science in this fascinating exploration of the origins of Western civilisation, and our desire for a rational, legitimating system of the world.
  9. The Power of Geography : Ten Maps That Reveals the Future of Our World (Paperback)
    Tim Marshall
    In this revelatory new book, Marshall explores ten regions that are set to shape global politics in a new age of great-power rivalry: Australia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Greece, Turkey, the Sahel, Ethiopia, Spain and Space.   
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