From Silicon Valley entrepreneur, quantum physicist, AI risk expert, and Hollywood "alternative reality" consultant Jeremie Harris, comes an entertaining and accessible look at the world of quantum physics. The discovery of quantum mechanics has paved the way to just about every important innovation in the last half century: it has led us to the technology that powers microwaves, iPhones, and self-driving cars and is about to trigger a computing revolution that will either spell the end of the human species or propel us to heights we've never imagined. But there's another reason that quantum mechanics is so important: it is really the only way we can understand ourselves and each other.

For the last hundred years or so, physicists have been feverishly debating what quantum theory has to say about you: what you're made of, whether you have free will, what will happen to you when you die, and much more.

QUANTUM PHYSICS MADE ME DO IT is an amusing, irreverent exploration of the most successful scientific theory in human history, and a smart, entertaining adventure through the complex and beautiful world mapped out by modern physics.

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ISBN/EAN 9781035402083
Author Jeremie Harris
Publisher Headline Publishing Group
Imprint Wildfire
Publication date 4 Apr 2023
Format Hardback
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Quantum Physics Made Me Do It

A Simple Guide to the Fundamental Nature of Everything from Consciousness and Free Will to Parallel Universes and Eternal Life.

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