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  1. Bunker : What It Takes to Survive the Apocalypse
    Bradley Garrett
    Today, the bunker has become the extreme expression of our greatest fears: from pandemics to climate change and nuclear war. And once you look, it doesn't take long to start seeing bunkers everywhere.
  2. Approximate Formality Morphology of Irish Towns
    Valerie Mulvin
    The subject and object of this book is towns and town plans in Ireland-from earliest of times to the Famine- exploring their origin, originality and potential-making an analysis of their rigorous and axial layouts so they can be understood as part of world, not just local culture.
  3. Rooms: Create the Home You Want for Your Life
    Declan O'Donnell
    Special Price €8.99 Regular Price €14.99
    In Rooms, award-winning architect Declan O'Donnell shows us how we can release our inner designer to create a home that works for the way we live.
  4. Raising the Roof : Women Architects Who Broke Through the Glass Ceiling
    Agata Toromanoff
    Historically, women architects were disappointingly absent in the news and at awards ceremonies, but now they are spearheading some of the most exciting and important projects in every corner of the globe.
  5. The Death and Life of Great American Cities
    Jane Jacobs
    In this classic text, Jane Jacobs set out to produce an attack on current city planning and rebuilding and to introduce new principles by which these should be governed. The result is one of the most stimulating books on cities ever written.
  6. Walls of Containment
    Patrick Quinlan
    Special Price €34.99 Regular Price €39.99
    This book reveals the rich variety of buildings and landscapes created as the asylum system evolved over the course of two centuries. Today, as the last of the large mental institutions pass into history, their architectural legacy – captured eloquently in this book by over 400 historic and contemporary photographs, drawings and diagrams
  7. Michael Warren: Light, Gravity and Distance
    Michael Warren
    "Although clearly concerned with formal Modernist qualities such as texture, surface, weight equilibrium and balance, at the core of Michael Warren's art lies something far less tangible - an examination of what it means for human beings to be in the world...."
  8. Vivienne Roche: NC Iris
    Vivienne Roche
    Standing 14m tall in an open plaza at the National College of Ireland, NC Iris is a triumph of art and engineering. This book documents the construction of Vivienne Roche's sculpture from the earliest concept sketches to its official unveiling, with artist's drawings and stunning photography.
  9. Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
    R.Buckminster Fuller
    Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) was an architect, engineer, geometrician, cartographer, philosopher, futurist, inventor of the famous geodesic dome, and one of the most brilliant thinkers of his time.
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