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  1. Life: Keith Richards
    Keith Richards
    In a voice that is uniquely and intimately his own, with the disarming honesty that has always been his trademark, Keith Richards brings us the essential life story of our times.
  2. Shared Notes : A Musical Journey
    Martin Hayes
    Special Price €21.59 Regular Price €23.99
  3. Les Miserables : The Story So Far of the World's Longest Running Musical
    Benedict Nightingale, Martyn Palmer, Matt Wolf
    Special Price €14.99 Regular Price €24.99
    Ever since its first performances in 1985, Les Miserables has been a smash success, and is now the longest running musical in the world with an award-winning Hollywood movie to its name. This book is the ideal companion tome for any lover of Les Miserables and its 33-year history.
  4. The Little Book of the Rolling Stones : Wisdom and Wit from Rock 'n' Roll Legends
    Malcolm Croft
    Special Price €3.99 Regular Price €7.99
    The Little Book of the Rolling Stones is a superb book of quotations by, and about, the greatest rock 'n' roll band in history.
  5. How To Be A Complete and Utter Blunt
    James Blunt
    Diary of a Reluctant Social Media Sensation Selected and introduced by James himself, this is a year in the life of the world's most reluctant social media sensation. Now learn for yourself how to be a complete and utter Blunt . .
  6. Clarinet Manual
    Stephen Howard
    Special Price €19.99 Regular Price €24.99
    How to buy, set up and maintain a Boehm system clarinet
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