Irish Traditional Music

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  1. Irish Songs Pocket Guide
    Appletree Press
    Irish Songs is a selection of Ireland's best known songs. They range in theme from songs of love and longing to drinking songs and patriotic feeling.
  2. The Irish Music Manuscripts of Edward Bunting (1773-1843) : An Introduction and Catalogue
    Dr Colette Moloney, ed.
    Special Price €39.99 Regular Price €50.00
    A guide to some 1,000 traditional instrumental melodies (including many harp tunes) and 500 song texts (mainly in Irish) from 18th- and 19th-century Ulster and Connacht preserved in the music manuscripts of the musician and collector Edward Bunting.
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  3. Best-Loved Irish Ballads
    Emma Byrne and Eoin O'Brien
    Carefully selected ballads from Irish history, culture and heritage. Well-known and loved Irish songs. A perfect gift. Stunning photographs and woodcuts throughout.
  4. Folksongs and Ballads Popular in Ireland : v. 5
    John Loesberg
    Each volume features 50 complete songs with music, lyrics, guitar chords, and interesting background notes on the songs.
  5. Folk Songs and Ballads Popular in Ireland : v. 3
    John Loesberg
    The very best of Irish folk songs. Each volume features 50 complete songs with music, words, guitar chords, and interesting background notes on the songs. TOS
  6. Chords for Mandolin, Irish Banjo, Bouzouki, Tenor Mandola, Mandocello
    John Loesberg
    This is the perfect reference for chords for mandolin, banjo and bouzouki.
  7. The Songman
    Tommy Sands
    With a Fenian fiddle in one ear and an Orange drum in the other’, singer Tommy Sands was reared in the foothills of the Mourne mountains, where he still lives.
  8. The Egan Irish Harps: Tradition, patrons and players
    Nancy Hurrell
    An Ireland without harps is inconceivable, but in 1800 the native Gaelic harp had become obsolete. This is the compelling story of John Egan (fl.1797–1829), a self-taught harp maker who invented a modernized harp for Ireland – the ‘Portable Irish Harp’ – the forerunner of the modern Irish harp.
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