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  1. The Beatles - Album by Album : The Beatles - The Fab Four - by insiders, experts & eyewitnesses
    Brian Southall
    An original telling of the Fab Four's story. This informative work tells the story of John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr from the band's formative days in Hamburg to the split in 1970.
  2. Gary Barlow: A Better Me
    Gary Barlow
    Special Price €8.39 Regular Price €11.99
    Here is one of the UK's most beloved pop stars, more open, honest and raw than ever before. The Sunday Times Number 1 Bestseller
  3. Take It Off! : KISS Truly Unmasked
    Greg Prato
    Special Price €12.59 Regular Price €17.99
    While the majority of KISS books are focused on the glitz and glamor of the iconic makeup era, the non-makeup years are ripe to be explored in book form, and Take It Off! does just that
  4. Any Road Will Get Us There (If We Don't Know Where We're Going)
    Noel Gallagher
    Special Price €14.99 Regular Price €24.99
    Join Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds as they embark on the Stranded On The Earth world tour
  5. Ed Sheeran
    Sean Smith
    Special Price €14.39 Regular Price €17.99
    'Compelling new biography' Daily Express 'Fascinating stories' Daily Mirror' 'A well-researched, entertaining look at Ed Sheeran ... Sheeran fans will relish this well-told biography' Publishers Weekly
  6. Our Journey : Rak Su's Official Autobiography. The X Factor Winners
    Special Price €11.99 Regular Price €19.99
    A shout-out to all fans of Rak-Su - this is their story, from where it all began to where they are now, full of exclusive stories and pictures.
  7. Legends of Rock: The Artists, Instruments, Myths and History of 50 years of Youth Music
    Ernesto Assante
    Special Price €29.99 Regular Price €49.99
    From the roots of rock in the 1950s to the music of such contemporary favourites as Coldplay, Green day, Foo Fighters, Amy Winehouse and Muse, this spectacular celebration of rock-and-roll traces the history and highlights of this most enduring and most controversial of music. Accompanied with 463 exquisite memorabilia colour photogra
  8. Ed Sheeran: Memories we made : Unseen photographs of my time with Ed
    Christie Goodwin, John Sheeran
    Special Price €18.39 Regular Price €22.99
    "When I first met Ed Sheeran he was unknown and unsigned - just a young busker trying to make it big.
  9. Rememberings
    Sinead O'Connor
    THE LANDMARK MEMOIR OF A GLOBAL MUSIC ICON Sinead O'Connor's voice and trademark shaved head made her famous by the age of twenty-one.
  10. Songs and Strings : An Odyssey through Music
    Maurice Curtis
    This book is a story of the power of music and its influence on our day-to-day lives. It is also the story of one person’s odyssey and adventures through life and music.
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