Management Briefs

Set Descending Direction
  1. Essentialism : The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
    Greg McKeown
    Have you ever found yourself struggling with information overload?
  2. Managing Professionals and Other Smart People
    Dermot Duff
    Managing Professionals and Other Smart People by Dermot Duff takes the most up-to-date theories and research about leadership, motivation, organisational strategy and applies them to real situations in professional firms & companies, explaining how to manage professionals with specialised skills.
  3. Proven Selling Skills: For Winners
    Ronan McNamara
    How to win new business, develop good customer listening skills, and grow your customer base
  4. Marketing Skills: A Practical Guide
    Garry Hynes, Ronan Morris
    This guide covers the fundamentals of marketing outlining the key strategic steps necessary to measure success
  5. Impactful Presentations: Best Practice Skills
    Yvonne Farrell
    A practical useful guide to preparing and delivering presentations.
  6. Time Matters: Making the Most of Your Day
    Julia Rowan
    Making the Most of Your Business Day
  7. Bullying and Harassment: Values and Best Practice Responses
    Margaret Considine, Frank Scott-Lennon
    An essential book for managers dealing with the ever increasing problem of bullying and harassment in the workplace, full of practical steps and insights
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