When the bodies from a bombed troopship begin to wash up on the shore, Ingrid cannot know that one will be alive and warm enough to erase a lifetime of loneliness. She cannot know what she will suffer in protecting her lover from the Germans and their Norwegian collaborators, nor the journey she will face, wrenched from her island once more, to return home. Or that, amid the suffering of war, among refugees fleeing famine and scorched-earth retreats, she will be given a gift whose value is beyond measure.

'A gifted writer, stylish, laconic and imaginative" Paul Owen, TLS

'A beautiful sequel to The Unseen, set around the remote & unforgiving island of Barroy during WWII. A note-perfect combination of taciturnity, austerity, passion and weather. Sublime'  Ronan Hession, author of Leonard and Hungry Paul

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ISBN/EAN 9780857058126
Author Roy Jacobsen
Publisher Quercus
Imprint Maclehose Press
Publication date 6 Aug 2020
Format Paperback
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White Shadow

The sequel to the Man Booker Prize-shortlisted The Unseen. 

No-one can be alone on an island . . . But Ingrid is alone on Barroy, the island that bears her name, while the war of her childhood has been replaced by a new more terrible war and Norway is under the Nazi boot.

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