That Ireland might default on her financial debts to Europe and the IMF is an ongoing theme in the media. What If Ireland Defaults? addresses this great 'What If?' question.

Ireland's financial crisis and the good and bad of default are discussed from the perspectives of different stakeholders and commentators, such as a market participant, a mortgage broker, an IMF economist, a politician and a financial journalist, as well as a number of eminent Irish and international economists and commentators.

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ISBN/EAN 9781871305487
Author Brian Lucey, Charles Larkin and Constantin Gurdgiev
Publisher Orpen Press
Publication date 12 Aug 2012
Format Paperback
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What If Ireland Defaults?

Brian Lucey, Charles Larkin and Constantin Gurdgiev

Was the economic miracle, now popularly known as the Celtic Tiger, simply a mirage made of debt and what happens if Ireland were to default?

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