Turn Up the Lamp is the refreshing account of a childhood spent in a home territory no more than six square miles in size (just as far as a boy could walk) that somehow contained a whole world of adventure just ripe for exploring. From a tussle with the local goat to swimming lessons in the harbour, a night-time excursion with the herring luggers and excitement of travelling circuses, the days just seemed to fly in. Until it was time for school, that is! Even school seemed charmed when Joe Doran's master retold the stories of the Artful Dodger, Ivanhoe, Old Scrooge and the magical happenings of the Old Celtic Romances to his classes on quiet days.
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ISBN 9780862819262
Author J.S. Doran
Publisher Appletree Press
Publication date 20 Apr 2010
Format Hardback
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Turn Up The Lamp (Hardback)

J.S. Doran
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This charming book casts a warm glow on the daily life and seasonal activities of the market town and fishing port up to and during the First World War.

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