Planning and scheduling your time when working from home
Time management is a core business management skill which presents us with daily challenges. Organising your day so that you are as productive as possible isn’t easy because of the constant interruptions that occur in a normal working environment. In this current environment, many people face the additional challenges of working from home.

Effective time management skills ensure that you are more productive and efficient in your new surroundings.

Create a routine
When working from home, it is vital that you create a routine similar to the one you had when working in the office. Continue to dress for work and dedicate a specific space for your home office. Set a start time for working, which for some people maybe earlier than your office start time. This becomes your new start time every day. Also establish when you will take tea and lunch breaks. Finally, embed a ‘wrap up your day’ ritual into your new routine: close down your laptop, clear your desk and organise yourself for the next day. Wrapping up your day will help you to mentally switch from the home office to your home life.

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ISBN/EAN 9781912350469
Author Sean McLoughney
Publisher Chartered Accountants Ireland
Publication date 24 Feb 2020
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Time Management: 3 (Your Advisor)

Being able to manage your time while working from home is more important now than ever. Seán McLoughney gives us key tips on how to manage your time effectively.

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