It was like she had known him forever. He's one of the few constants in her life, and their friendship is just too important to risk for a kiss. Though she really wants to kiss him...

Sam loves Ramona, but he would never expect her to feel the same way-she's too quirky and cool for someone like him. Still, they complement each other perfectly, both as best friends and as a band. Then they meet Tom.

Tom makes music too, and he's the band's missing piece. The three quickly become inseparable. Except Ramona's falling in love with Tom.

But she hasn't fallen out of love with Sam either. How can she be true to her feelings and herself without losing the very relationships that make her heart sing?

This Song is (Not) for You is perfect for readers looking for: Contemporary teen romance books. Unputdownable & bingeworthy novels. Complex emotional YA stories. Novels that explore monogamy, polyamory, and asexuality. Characters with a passion for music. Performance art.

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ISBN/EAN 9781464218781
Author Laura Nowlin
Publisher Sourcebooks
Publication date 7 May 2024
Format Paperback
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This Song Is (Not) For You

A captivating novel about navigating—and protecting—the loves and friendships that sustain us. Ramona fell for Sam the moment she met him.

PUBLISHING: 7 May 2024