The Walking Dead The Fall of the Governor Part one

Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga
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The New York Times Bestselling Series.

The story begins with Bruce and Gabe fighting in the arena. As the fight concludes, Lilly decides to leave the arena, when the Governor suddenly steps forward, and addresses the people of Woodbury. The Governor tells the people he is aware of their dwindling supplies, and that a group of citizens will be sent out on a supply run soon. Later that night, Lilly has difficulty falling asleep.

She finishes off a bottle of cold medicine, and falls asleep. While she is asleep, she has nightmares about her first days in Woodbury, and the death of her other friends. She is awakened in the early morning by Martinez, who has come to take her on the supply run. Along with Martinez, Austin Ballard, Wes, and David and Barbara Stern, they leave Woodbury to go on the supply run. As they ride around, Austin tries to flirt and make small talk with Lilly. She mainly keeps to herself and ignores him though she does find him attractive. They finally come to what they were looking for: a deserted and ransacked Piggly-Wiggly. At first, the group thinks that the run was for nothing, until they see the warehouse behind the Piggly-Wiggly. Martinez thinks the warehouse may contain supplies. They prepare to enter and leave the truck ready to be loaded along with a lookout. There are several dead inside along with many supplies.

They clean out the walkers and gather supplies onto pallets for transport. Austin is attacked by a walker that was hiding in a freezer; however, Lilly manages to save his life. The group leaves the warehouse with their supplies as more walkers draw near it. On their way back to Woodbury, they witness a helicopter flying overhead. As they watch it, the helicopter crashes in the woods nearby. They rush to the crash site, with Austin almost getting bitten by a walker that was hiding in a swamp. Everyone seems to drop their guns at the worst possible moments. When they get to the crash site, they discover the pilot dead and the passenger disoriented and severely injured.

They make a stretcher for the passenger, who has passed out, and at her insistence also haul out the pilot, and return to their truck.

More Information
ISBN/EAN 9780330541381
Author Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga
Publisher Pan MacMillan
Publication date 16 Dec 2013
Format Paperback
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