Join David Ponder on an incredible journey to discover the Seven Decisions for success that can turn any life around, no matter how hopeless a situation seems.

Forty-six-year-old David Ponder feels like a total failure. Once a high-flying executive in a Fortune 500 company, he now works a part-time, minimum wage job and struggles to support his family. Suddenly an even greater crisis hits: his daughter becomes ill, and he can't even afford to get her the medical help she needs.

When David's car skids on an icy road, he wonders if he even cares to survive the crash. But an extraordinary experience awaits David Ponder. He suddenly finds himself traveling back in time, meeting leaders and heroes at crucial moments in their lives-from Abraham Lincoln to Anne Frank.

As David speaks with each of these historical figures, they share their personal philosophies with him. By the time his journey is over, he has received seven secrets for success-and a second chance. Among these crucial decisions for success are:The buck stops here, and I am responsible for my past and my futureI will seek wisdom and be a servant to othersI will greet this day with a forgiving spirit, and I will forgive myselfToday I will choose to be happy and be the possessor of a grateful spiritThe message is simple: Life is about choices.

While we have little control over the events that occur in our lives, success is determined by the choices we make daily. The Traveler's Gift will challenge you, inspire you, and give you seven decisions that you can employ to determine your own personal success.

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ISBN 9780849946929
Author Andy Andrews
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Publication date 14 Apr 2010
Format Paperback
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The Traveler's Gift - Local Print : Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success

Only a few months ago, he was a successful executive. Now he's a desperate man.

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