It seems obvious that pleasure leads to happiness - and pain does the opposite. And yet we are irresistibly drawn to a host of experiences that truly hurt, from the exhilarating fear of horror movies or extreme sport to the gruelling challenges of exercise, work, creativity and having a family.

Drawing on ground-breaking findings, pre-eminent psychologist Paul Bloom explores the pleasures of suffering and reveals why the activities that provide the most satisfaction are often the ones that involve the greatest sacrifice. Embracing this truth, he shows, is the key to a life well lived.

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ISBN 9781529111064
Author Paul Bloom
Publisher Vintage
Imprint Vintage
Publication date 4 Aug 2022
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:The Sweet Spot : Suffering, Pleasure and the Key to a Good Life

The Sweet Spot : Suffering, Pleasure and the Key to a Good Life

What if experiencing a good life involves more than just pleasure? Revealing the surprising roots of lasting happiness, pre-eminent psychologist Paul Bloom explains why suffering is an essential source of both pleasure and meaning in our lives.

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