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A BURNING PYRE The smell of roasting meat alerts police to squatters in an abandoned London factory. But when they arrive, the place is empty...

except for a gruesome pile of scorched human heads. AN ANCIENT RITUAL DS Jamila Patel and DC Jerry Pardoe have solved bizarre crimes before, but nothing as spooky as this. Arcane markings on the factory wall lead them to a terrifying cult in thrall to a Neolithic god.

A god who demands the ultimate sacrifice from his followers. A CULT OF CANNIBALS Now Londoners are being abducted off the city streets, to be mutilated, roasted and eaten. Can Patel and Pardoe save the next victim from this hideous fate? Or will they themselves become a human sacrifice?

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ISBN/EAN 9781800243385
Author Graham Masterton
Publisher Bloomsbury
Imprint Head of Zeus
Publication date 4 Aug 2022
Format Paperback
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The Shadow People

Graham Masterton

Jerry Pardoe and Jamila Patel hunt down a ritualistic cult inspired by Neothilic cannibals in the new chilling horror from Graham Masterton. 

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