Meet The Secret Explorers! This group of brilliant kids come together from all four corners of the globe to fix problems, solve mysteries and gather knowledge all over the planet - and beyond. Whenever their help is needed, a special sign will appear on a door.

They step through to the Exploration Station, and receive their mission... In The Lost Whales, marine life expert Connor needs to use his underwater expertise to help save a pod of humpback whales that have lost their way. Along with space expert Roshni, he sets out in a submarine to search for a way to steer the whales back on track, but encounters unexpected problems along the way, including lost baby whales and a fleet of boats.

Will The Secret Explorers manage to succeed in their mission?

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ISBN/EAN 9780241440643
Author SJ King
Publisher Dorling Kindersley
Imprint DK
Publication date 16 Jul 2020
Format Paperback
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The Secret Explorers and the Lost Whales

Dive into the world of The Secret Explorers and learn about ocean life in this action-packed first instalment in a brand-new fiction series. 

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