Established in the midst of civil unrest, community tensions and political uncertainty, the Social Democratic and Labour Party was not expected by many to endure. But it has endured, and it has provided two of the outstanding statesmen of Northern Ireland’s peace process, John Hume and Séamus Mallon.

The SDLP mobilized many hundreds of others, deeply committed to the principles of democratic nationalism and social democracy. This book traces the SDLP’s seminal contribution to the politics of partnership and reconciliation. Imbued with a deep sense of social justice, the party was totally opposed to the use of violence for political ends.

The men and women of the SDLP promoted cross-community partnership within the North and between North and South, as well as an end to centuries-old British-Irish antagonisms. This first in-depth study of the SDLP’s role draws on the author’s own involvement in the party and uses hitherto unpublished British, Irish and SDLP archival material.

The SDLP: the struggle for agreement in Northern Ireland, 1970–2000 is a tribute to the commitment and dedication of party members throughout those turbulent years.

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ISBN/EAN 9781846822384
Author Seán Farren
Publisher Four Courts Press
Publication date 20 Oct 2010
Format Hardback
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The SDLP: The struggle for agreement in Northern Ireland, 1970–2000 (Hardback)

Seán Farren
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2010 1st Edition Hardback

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