Within these pages, readers will learn fascinating facts about the Titanic on a wide range of topics such as: her sister ships; the Harland & Wolff Shipyard where she was built; Thomas Andrews, her architect; her maiden voyage; Captain Smith; the passengers onboard; the ship's construction and dimensions; the ice warning signals received by the vessel; the moment she struck the iceberg; the shortage of lifeboats; the extraordinary accounts of bravery onboard when it was clear she was going to sink.

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ISBN 9780716531562
Author John D.T. White
Publisher Irish Academic Press
Publication date 20 Nov 2001
Format Paperback
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The RMS Titanic Miscellany (Paperback)

John D.T. White
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There is something here for everyone interested in learning more about the worlds most famous passenger liner, RMS Titanic. Paperback edition

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