The current NHS guidelines advise 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, and for people with busy lives that can feel like an impossible challenge. But what if you could get all the health and fitness benefits of that 150 minutes in far less time? Martin Gibala is one of the world's leading researchers into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), the training protocol which has helped Joe Wicks sell 795k copies of Lean in 15.

Gibala has spent decades studying the effect of this approach on everyone from college athletes to middle-aged couch potatoes, and his work demonstrates that very short, intense bursts of exercise may be the most potent form of workout available.

In The One Minute Workout he explains the science behind this approach and offers new strategies for achieving fitness in astonishingly little time, including twelve interval workouts and four micro-workouts customized for individual needs, fitness levels and preferences. He also answers the ultimate question: How low can you go? (clue - it's in the title...)

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ISBN/EAN 9781785041266
Author Martin Gibala
Publisher Ebury
Imprint Vermilion
Publication date 2 Feb 2017
Format Paperback
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The One Minute Workout

We all know we should exercise more - but many of us just don't have time. Maybe this book is for you!

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