A series of interconnected tales published in 1911 as Ninety-Eight and Sixty Years After. These vivid tales, set in Co. Antrim in 1798 and sixty years later, are brutally realistic and yet thrillingly supernatural. A major theme is the way in which political violence in Ireland lives on beyond the grave, re-incarnating itself in successive generations.

The chief villain, 'the Nabob', also called Galloper Starkie, is a repellent but fascinating figure. The first set of tales is told in convincing Lowland Scots, the second in English.

Andrew James was the pseudonym of J.A. Strahan, professor of jurisprudence in QUB and author of legal textbooks.

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ISBN/EAN 9781851829613
Author Andrew James. Notes and Afterword John Wilson Foster
Publisher Four Courts Press
Publication date 20 Sep 2006
Format Hardback
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The Nabob: A Tale Of Ninety-Eight (Hardback)

Andrew James. Notes and Afterword John Wilson Foster
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2006 1st Edition Hardback

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