Long before the Mafia had arrived on the shores of the New World Irish gangsters were plying their trade of murder and mayhem. The Mob was the first book to deal with the bloody history of Irish involvement in the American organised crime scene.

Its all here - the murders and the motives, the gang wars and the executions, from the St. Valentine's Day Massacre to Boston's “Irish War”.

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ISBN/EAN 9780954918019
Author James Durney
Publisher Gaul House
Publication date 12 May 2010
Format Paperback
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Irish Social History

The Mob: The History of Irish Gangsters in America

James Durney

The Mob follows the careers of many of the Irish gangs and gangsters from the early days of the Dead Rabbits and Plug Uglies to the Westies and Whitey Bulger. Author signed.

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