Little Lamb has been separated from her mum, but she knows he’ll find her at the top of the mountain. The journey there scares her, but she is cheered on by friendly animals along the way and becomes more confident as she climbs. She even ends up helping others by taking the lead.

A mountain hare, a cow, a red grouse, a goat and a white-tailed sea eagle all share their stories about learning confidence and independence as they encourage Little Lamb on his journey.

Katie O’Donoghue is a children’s and young person’s therapist. She has a background in fine art and design, a master’s degree in Art Psychotherapy and a PhD in Health Psychology. She is the author of The Little Squirrel Who Worried and The Little Otter Who Tried.

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ISBN/EAN 9781804580523
Author Katie O’Donoghue
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 28 Mar 2024
Format Hardback
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The Little Lamb Who Led (Hardback)

Katie O’Donoghue
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Little Lamb learns that helping others helps her to feel stronger too. Young readers will love this story of strength and courage set in the Irish countryside.

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