Compassionate and resourceful, she decides to quarantine the estate against the terrifying pestilence, bringing some two hundred serfs inside the moated walls. But in such a confined space, conflicts soon arise. Ignorant of the world outside, Lady Anne's people wrestle with the terrible uncertainty of their futures.

Fearing starvation but fearing the disease even more, who amongst them has the courage to leave the security of the walls?And how safe is anyone when a dreadful event threatens the uneasy status quo...?

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ISBN/EAN 9781760632144
Author Minette Walters
Publisher Allen & Unwin
Publication date 7 Jun 2018
Format Paperback
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The Last Hours (Paperback)

Minette Walters
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A deadly plague is spreading across the land... England, 1348: as the Black Death spreads through the country, people start to die by the thousands. In Dorset, young Lady Anne takes control of her lands, with her trusted steward, Thaddeus, at her side...

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