Jess Redden has always had a passion for food. Cooking together from scratch at home was the norm but as she grew up, stress, poor sleep and processed food on the go resulted in digestive issues, skin breakouts and low mood. Determined to address her symptoms without medication, Jess learned about the impact of food on well-being, turned her life around by taking a holistic approach that included diet, exercise and time to rest and recharge. 

Now a pharmacist, Jess brings her passion for nutrition and lifestyle to her work. Here she shares her knowledge of the most common ailments that present at the pharmacy counter and explains how food can be our first source for fuelling or fighting symptoms of disease. Here she shares over 100 easy, delicious recipes to optimise heart, gut, and bone health, balance hormone and blood sugars and much more! 

Jess Redden has a degree in psychology, is a pharmacy graduate and a qualified personal trainer. Working as a pharmacist in Dublin she is passionate about taking a holistic approach to health. She shares her recipes, fitness and wellbeing tips on her Instagram page, which has over 80,000 followers. 

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ISBN/EAN 9780717197408
Author Jess Redden
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 6 Oct 2023
Format Hardback
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The Food Pharmacy: Easy, delicious, nutritious recipes to fuel good health

Use food to fight disease from the comfort of your own kitchen! 

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