A young boy discovers a bone in a snow-covered forest. Initially, Quigley Maguire thinks it could simply be that of an animal. But it belongs to a young girl who has been missing for three years.Quigley`s father, Frank, an ex-detective who now works as a private investigator, has hidden from his son his responsibility for his wife`s death.

When he confesses the truth to him, Quigley runs from his home into the worst snowstorm for decades.Frank`s search for his son brings him into contact with Jeremiah Grazier and his drug-addicted wife, Judith, a damaged refugee from an orphanage who now sees herself as an avenging angel.

Meanwhile, in the derelict orphanage, a tramp discovers a sexually mutilated and decapitated corpse, later identified as that of the grotesquely abusive head warden of the institute.

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ISBN/EAN 9780863223501
Author Sam Millar
Publisher Brandon Books
Publication date 15 Dec 2006
Format Paperback
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The Darkness of Bones

A tense tale of murder, betrayal, sexual abuse and revenge, and the corruption at the heart of the respectable establishment.

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