This breathtaking portrait of the human body uses new medical imaging techniques to make incredibly detailed digital illustrations. The 3-D computer-generated images cover the entire body, region by region and system by system, featuring everything from bones, muscles, and joints to cells and DNA. An extensive section on what goes wrong includes physical and mental health disorders.

The Complete Human Body is the definitive visual guide to human biology and human anatomy, including the development, form, function, and disorders of the human body. Professor Alice Roberts takes you on a detailed tour of how your respiratory system works, to discover your anatomy up-close, and to learn about over 200 diseases and how they afflict the human body.

This new edition includes extra detail on the hands, feet, and major joints. The quality of digital images and level of detail make this book an invaluable study resource for students of human biology and physiology. Or if you are just curious to learn how the body works, this comprehensive guide is for you.

Previous edition ISBN 9781405347495

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ISBN/EAN 9780241240458
Author Dr.Alice Roberts
Publisher Dorling Kindersley
Publication date 1 Jun 2016
Format Hardback
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The Complete Human Body : The Definitive Visual Guide

Dr.Alice Roberts
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