AD 114: NICOPOLISIn the arid plains beyond the empire's Eastern Frontier, a Roman legion lays siege to the city of Nicopolis. Estranged from his beloved Enica to keep her safe, centurion Flavius Ferox is still working for the emperor's cousin, the calculating and ruthless Hadrian.

Sent to uncover corruption in the army, Ferox has killed a tribune and is under suspended sentence of death - but he knows more traitors are at large. As the siege builds, Ferox will have to figure out who can be trusted, and just what it is that Hadrian really wants... Gritty, gripping and profoundly authentic, The City is the second book in the City of Victory trilogy, set in the Roman empire from bestselling historian Adrian Goldsworthy.

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ISBN/EAN 9781789545807
Author Adrian Goldsworthy
Publisher Bloomsbury
Imprint Head of Zeus
Publication date 2 Feb 2023
Format Paperback
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The City

Adrian Goldsworthy

From bestselling historian Adrian Goldsworthy, the second book in his authentic, action-packed City of Victory series set on the frontiers of the Roman Empire. 

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