Every week for the past four years, Dan, James, Anna and Andy - the creators of the award-winning, chart-topping comedy podcast No Such Thing As A Fish - have wowed each other and millions of their listeners with the most astonishing trivia they have learned over the previous seven days. Now, once again, they have put down the microphones, picked up their pencils, and transformed a year's worth of weird and wonderful happenings into one uplifting book that you won't be able to put down.

Discover how Peruvian mummies affected the World Cup, and why Love Island contestants are experts in game theory - as well as hundreds of stories that may have passed you by entirely, including the news that:

  • NASA sent a man with a fear of heights to the International Space Station.
  • An ice hotel in Canada caught fire.
  • Mark Zuckerberg's private data was compromised while he was talking to Congress about compromised data.

From Kim Jong Un's personal potty to Jeremy Corbyn's valuable vegetables, The Book of the Year 2018 is an eye-opening tour of yet another incredible year you didn't know you'd lived through.

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ISBN/EAN 9781847948397
Author No Such Thing As A Fish
Publisher Penguin Random House
Imprint Random House Books
Publication date 18 Oct 2018
Format Hardback
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The Book of the Year (2018)

No Such Thing As A Fish
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In a year dominated by Russian collusion and Brexit confusion, The Book of the Year returns with another dose of barely believable yet wholly unimpeachable facts and stories from the year that was 2018.

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