When Rachel Mullen is found dead, her body twisted in pain, Detective Lottie Parker knows instantly that she was murdered.

And when Lottie finds a shard of glass placed in the young girl's throat, she fears that Rachel may only be the first victim. The night before, Rachel had attended a party at a luxurious new restaurant in Ragmullin, and Lottie wastes no time in tracking down the other guests. But as Lottie investigates, her worst fears are confirmed: a brilliant, young doctor is found murdered,  with glass in her throat.

Desperate to find proof of what really happened to these women, Lottie gets close to the hostess of the party. But Lottie's hunt for the truth puts someone the person she is closest to in terrible danger. Can Lottie get in the mind of this twisted killer before it's too late? Or will the man she loves be silenced forever?

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ISBN/EAN 9781408728536
Author Patricia Gibney
Publisher Little Brown
Imprint Sphere
Publication date 20 Jul 2023
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Silent Voices : Detective Lottie Parker, Book 9 (Paperback)

Silent Voices : Detective Lottie Parker, Book 9 (Paperback)

She lay so still, blue eyes shining, blonde hair fanned out, her mouth stuck forever open in a soundless scream. 

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