Motor racing is already one of the most scientifically demanding sports: it involves a combination of peak physical and mental skill, world-class mechanical nous and perennial technological innovation. These innovations, first developed for racing, have been incorporated into everyday car designs to improve their safety - from ABS brakes to crash helmets - and ecological impact, via electric engines and more efficient fuels and tyres.

Author Kit Chapman is a lifelong motorsports fan who has previously worked with Virgin Racing's Formula E team on the chemistry and material science of their cars. With help from his wide range of contacts in the industry, Kit criss-crosses the globe from Ohio to Monaco, Spain to Bahrain. He steps behind the scenes of current engineering breakthroughs, picking up extraordinary tales along the way, such as that of maverick designer Warren Mosler who designed a car so fast it was banned from racing.

Part travelogue, part historical retrospective, Racing Green combines visits to the experts with lively retellings of real-life incidents that became milestones in modern car development. Kit looks at the breadth of racing, both its glories and its tragedies, revealing the industry as a driving force for progress, and where it's on track to take us next.

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ISBN/EAN 9781472982193
Author Kit Chapman
Publisher Bloomsbury
Publication date 30 Mar 2023
Format Paperback
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Racing Green: How Motorsport Science Can Save the World

Racing Green is the story of how advances in motorsport science are changing the world, helping it become smarter and more environmentally friendly. 

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