Denis Bradley was born and raised in Buncrana, just 12 miles from the border with Northern Ireland. On joining the priesthood he found himself assigned to the cathedral parish in Derry city, arriving in the summer of 1970 as the streets were descending into chaos with the outbreak of the Troubles.

An eyewitness to the wanton violence of Bloody Sunday, Bradley was spurred to become involved in the ‘backchannel’ as one of three men who would provide a secret link between the IRA and the British government for thirty years.

Fervent in their belief that dialogue would bring peace, they brokered the crucial 1993 meeting between IRA men Martin McGuinness and Gerry Kelly and a British Intelligence agent codenamed ‘Fred’. This was a vital step on the road to negotiations which would lead to the ceasefire and the Good Friday Agreement.

Throughout it all, Bradley worked to combat addiction and homelessness in his adopted community, and made the difficult decision to leave the priesthood to marry.

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ISBN/EAN 9781785375002
Author Denis Bradley
Publisher Irish Academic Press
Imprint Merrion Press
Publication date 5 Apr 2024
Format Paperback
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Peace Comes Dropping Slow: My Life in the Troubles

Denis Bradley
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Once played out in the shadows, Bradley’s pivotal role in Northern Ireland’s peace process is finally illuminated in this engrossing memoir.

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