In this empathetic and knowledgeable guide, TikTok star Julie McFadden, known online as, Hospice Nurse Julie, shares the valuable lessons she's learned in her fifteen years as a palliative care nurse.

Expertly weaving emotional insight with practical advice, you'll find out:

-which medical interventions help and which make things worse

-facts and myths about hospice care

-the most important conversations to have before you die

-the many inexplicable and fascinating deathbed experiences people have

-how to navigate the grieving journey, before and after death.

Set to become a go-to resource for years to come, Nothing to Fear shows how a better death goes hand-in-hand with a better life.

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ISBN/EAN 9781785045202
Author Julie McFadden
Publisher Ebury
Imprint Vermilion
Publication date 13 Jun 2024
Format Padded Hardback
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You're reviewing:Nothing to Fear : Demystifying Death in Order to Live More Fully

Nothing to Fear : Demystifying Death in Order to Live More Fully

What if we didn't consider death the worst possible outcome? What if we discussed it honestly, embraced end-of-life care and prepared for the end of our lives with hope and acceptance? 

PUBLISHING: 13 Jun 2024