If leprechauns are all you can think of when it comes to Ireland’s mythical creatures, think again!

Irish mythology is bursting with fantastical creatures and Mark Joyce’s beautifully designed trilogy – Mythical Irish Beasts, Wonders and Places – takes readers of all ages on a delightful journey through Irish folklore, full of stories of terrifying monsters, enchanted creatures, and magical sites, bringing them to life through his original illustrations.

Besides well-known supernatural beings like the Banshee and the Pooka, we also learn of unknown monsters like the 400-eyed Suileach, and the King of otters, Dobhar-Chú.

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ISBN/EAN 9781782189367
Author Mark Joyce
Publisher Grace Communications
Imprint Currach Press
Publication date 22 Mar 2024
Format Hardback
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Mythical Irish Beasts (Hardback)

Mark Joyce
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In this new edition of his bestselling Mythical Irish Beasts, Mark introduces us to eight new beasts, including Grogan and the Gruagach, the magical bird of Assaroe, and more!

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