Join Midoriya, All Might and all the aspiring heroes of U.A. High, plus memorable villains, in an irreverent take on the main events of the series, complete with funny gags, ridiculous jokes and superpowered humor! Izuku Midoriya idolizes the number one hero, All Might, but without a Quirk, he doesn't stand a chance of becoming a hero. All that changes during a chance encounter with the number one hero involving...ballerina outfits? Next, it's time to find out what everyone was really thinking during their first practical exams! Plus, All Might as Santa Claus?! This is My Hero Academia as you've never seen it before!

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ISBN/EAN 9781974708666
Author Kohei Horikoshi (Created By) , Hirofumi Neda (Author)
Publisher Viz Media
Publication date 22 Aug 2019
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:My Hero Academia: Smash!! (Volume 1)

My Hero Academia: Smash!! (Volume 1)

Kohei Horikoshi (Created By) , Hirofumi Neda (Author)
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Hilarious hijinks featuring the characters and story lines of My Hero Academia! The superpowered society of My Hero Academia takes a hilarious turn in this reimagining of the best-selling series!

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