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Could we change our lives for the better? Our dependence on cars is damaging our health - and the planet's. The Dutch seem to have the right idea, with thousands of bike highways, but even then, what happens to pedestrians or people who want to cycle at a more leisurely pace? What about children playing outside their homes? Or wildlife, which enriches our local areas?

Why do we prioritise traffic above all else? Making our communities safer, cleaner, and greener starts with asking the fundamental questions: who do our streets belong to, what do we use them for, and who gets to decide?

Join journalist Thalia Verkade and urban mobility expert Marco te Broemmelstroet as they confront their own underlying beliefs and challenge us to rethink our way of life to put people at the centre of urban design.

But be warned: you will never look at the street outside your front door in the same way again.

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ISBN/EAN 9781911344971
Author Thalia Verkade, Marco te Broemmelstroet
Publisher Scribe
Publication date 2 Jun 2022
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Movement : how to take back our streets and transform our lives

Movement : how to take back our streets and transform our lives

Thalia Verkade, Marco te Broemmelstroet

We take it for granted that the streets outside out homes are designed for movement from A to B, nothing more. But what happens if we radically rethink how we use these public spaces? 

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