Military conflict is a perennial feature of human society. These essays by leading historians from Belgium, Canada, England, France, Ireland, Norway and the USA share an appreciation that war is central to historical experience in the modern world.

Ranging from the Middle Ages in Ireland to army mutinies in civil-war England, from the relations between civilians and troops in the French Midi to the role of women in the Canadian armed forces, from the conduct of Napoleonic and World Wars to Korea and America's debacle in Vietnam, Men, Women and War scrutinizes and interprets, an area of abiding fascination.

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ISBN/EAN 9780946640966
Author T.G. Fraser and Keith Jeffery
Publisher Lilliput Press
Publication date 1 Jan 1993
Format Paperback
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Men, Women and War

T.G. Fraser and Keith Jeffery

Offering neither solution nor solace, Men, Woman and War is an attempt to reflect the complexity and nature of war, and the roles of men and women within it.

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