Jason Byrne is 17. With his leaving cert under his belt but no idea what to do next, who better to ask for advice than his dad, Paddy? There’s a (very) short stint studying accountancy (he was asked to leave); a FÁS course with juvenile offenders to become a waiter that leads to an apprenticeship in Jury’s (he was the only one not in prison), and a job in a lighting warehouse (it ended with a collapsed lung).

But no matter what the problem, Paddy Byrne is always ready with a wise word: ‘Sure, that’s life, son. Just don't tell your mother.’

This is not just a memoir. It is a celebration of a generation, a celebration of life and of Jason’s wonderful relationship with his dad, Paddy Byrne – the man who never gave a b*llix. 

Jason Byrne is one of Ireland’s most popular comedians. He has a huge international career as a stand-up comedian and many television credits to his name. Jason has written a play about his dad, The Paddy Lama Shed Talks, which he will tour Ireland with in 2024.

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ISBN/EAN 9780717194483
Author Jason Byrne
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 28 Sep 2023
Format Hardback
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Memoirs of a Wonky-eyed Man: The Dad-Knows-Best Years

A hilarious Irish memoir that celebrates the good, the bad and the total b*llix

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