He is the hero of a Babylonian legend which recounts his exploits in an ultimately unsuccessful quest for immortality.

In Marina Carr’s bold retelling of this foundational text she dramatizes the abuse of strength and grievous harm to the natural world. Her play embraces the central figure’s venture to the forbidden cedar forest, the last sacred ground of the gods, his homo-erotic relationship with the wild man, Enkidu, and the price of ecological wastage.

It culminates in epic wisdom: ‘Look, none of these things ever happened but they’re all true.’

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ISBN/EAN 9781911338512
Author Marina Carr
Publisher Gallery Press
Publication date 28 Apr 2023
Format Paperback
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Marina Carr: Gilgamesh (A Play)

Gilgamesh, a mythical king of the Sumerian city state of Uruk, is supposed to have ruled sometime during the first half of the third millennium BC

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