Each chapter is full of useful tips and easy exercises for you to try at home, from positive affirmations and actions to journaling prompts. Contents include:

STEP 1: Visualize your future self

STEP 2: Set your intentions

STEP 3: Connect with the universe

STEP 4: Raise your vibrations

STEP 5: Embrace the energy of gratitude

STEP 6: Believe

STEP 7: Take action

STEP 8: Let go of the outcome

STEP 9: Pay attention to synchronicities and signs

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ISBN/EAN 9781783255191
Author Victoria Jackson
Publisher Octopus
Imprint Aster
Publication date 1 Dec 2022
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:Manifesting for Beginners: Nine Steps to Attracting a Life you Love

Manifesting for Beginners: Nine Steps to Attracting a Life you Love

Victoria Jackson

Turn your dreams into reality in just 9 simple stepsIt is one of the biggest wellness trends around, but do you know how to manifest? This beginner's guide includes all you need to get started, with key insights into the power of positive thought and practical steps for creating your reality.

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