Reach new levels of organizational productivity and achievement by redefining the phrase "workplace health"

The book offers organizations, leaders, and managers with the knowledge, data, frameworks, and methodologies they need to radically transform how they approach day-to-day operations into a sustainable and resilient business success model. The authors focus on workplace health-in a broad sense-as a way of focusing organizational attention on culture, building work capacity, productivity, and sustainability.

They explain the tangible business value that comes from focusing on wellbeing as well as the symbiotic relationship between organizational health and employee health. Make Work Healthy includes:

  • Strategies for moving beyond typical "wellness" initiatives such as just addressing illness and absence reduction to a more holistic understanding of "healthy work"
  • Ways to locate, attract, recruit, and retain talent over the long-term by aligning organizational goals with employee health
  • Tactics to help managers of dispersed, hybrid, and remote teams manage feelings of pressure and isolation
  • An indispensable, effective, and holistic new take on organizational and employee health,

Make Work Healthy will earn a place in the hands of managers, executives, board members, and other business and human resources leaders who seek impressive gains in company productivity and fulfilment.

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ISBN/EAN 9781119989806
Author John S. Ryan (Author) , Michael J. Burchell
Publisher John Wiley
Publication date 23 Mar 2023
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:Make Work Healthy: Create a Sustainable Organization with High-Performing Employees

Make Work Healthy: Create a Sustainable Organization with High-Performing Employees

John S. Ryan (Author) , Michael J. Burchell

In Make Work Healthy, a team of distinguished organizational transformation professionals delivers an insightful how-to manual for improving organizational performance with a new approach to workforce management. 

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