That’s why he challenged you to fight with him,
So he might seem to lose, and you to win,
And that way save your pride, and win your love.

A battlefield near Troy. Attacks by vicious women warriors hamper the Greeks’ siege . . .

Love in the Wars melds the latent violence of passion with compassion and its author leavens this ‘hideous tragedy . . . all for love’ with mischievous wit. The result is a scintillating addition to the oeuvre of a great artist.

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ISBN 9781852353964
Author John Banville
Publisher Gallery Press
Publication date 1 Dec 2005
Format Paperback
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Love in the Wars

John Banville’s third foray as a dramatist is based on Penthesilea (1908), a tragedy by Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1811), and embraces the German Romantic’s variation on the conventional story of Achilles’ slaughter of the Amazon queen. With surprising verve, Banville recounts the emotional turbulence and conflicting impulses of a heroine overcome by love.

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