While the official Parts and Workshop Manuals can be considered essential reading they were written for professional mechanics working on reasonably new, unmodified vehicles - not a 60 year old model assembled with parts from different eras.

They will tell you very little about parts compatibility over the generations, how to repair a bulkhead or front panel or the best techniques to assemble your vehicle onto a new chassis. This manual seeks to answer many of the commonly asked questions and offers practical solutions, tips and techniques for the common problems encountered when restoring and maintaining a Series Land Rover.

It covers:

* history, vehicle development and compatibility of parts

* the overhaul of the major mechanical components including engine, gearbox and axles

* practical techniques for body repairs, fitment and alignment

* in-depth chassis and bulkhead repairs

* how to decide between saving or replacing a major component

* the current availability of components

* major current restoration trends: functional rebuild, resto-mod build, patina recommission or concours restoration

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ISBN/EAN 9780719841859
Author Emrys Kirby
Publisher The Crowood
Publication date 18 May 2023
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:Land Rover Series II,IIA and III Restoration Manual

Land Rover Series II,IIA and III Restoration Manual

A Series Land Rover has to be the ultimate life-sized automotive jigsaw puzzle. Simple to repair, with a good supply of new and used parts, a restoration is well within the capabilities of an amateur mechanic.

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