'I regret to see that my book has turned out un fiasco solenne.'

James Joyce's disillusion with the publication of Dubliners in 1914 was the result of ten years battling with publishers, resisting their demands to remove swear words, real place names and much else, including two entire stories. Although only 24 when he signed his first publishing contract for the book, Joyce already knew its worth: to alter it in any way would 'retard the course of civilisation in Ireland'. Joyce's aim was to tell the truth - to create a work of art that would reflect life in Ireland at the turn of the last century and by rejecting euphemism, reveal to the Irish the unromantic reality the recognition of which would lead to the spiritual liberation of the country.

Each of the fifteen stories offers a glimpse of the lives of ordinary Dubliners - a death, an encounter, an opportunity not taken, a memory rekindled - and collectively they paint a portrait of a nation. 

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ISBN/EAN 9780199536436
Author Ed. by Jeri Johnson
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication date 12 Jun 2008
Format Paperback
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James Joyce: Dubliners (Oxford World's Classics)

Ed. by Jeri Johnson

Includes the original version of ’The Sisters’ and Joyce’s correspondence concerning censorship which he wanted printed as the book’s preface.

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