What are angels? Do they exist? What do angels really look like? What do angels do?

Throughout history angels have played a major role in literature, art, theology, myth and folklore. Portrayed as symbols of the divine in our earthly realm, these luminous beings continue to inhabit the conscience of our culture.

However, in today's materialistic world they have become images of fiction and fantasy for many people. In a down to earth style, Cherie Sutherland draws on research gathered from around the world to answer the most commonly asked questions about angels and gives practical advice on how to call on them to help us through difficult and stressful periods in our lives.

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ISBN/EAN 9780717131525
Author Dr Cherie Sutherland
Publisher Gill Books
Imprint New Leaf
Publication date 20 Jul 2001
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:In the Company of Angels: Welcoming Angels into Your Life

In the Company of Angels: Welcoming Angels into Your Life

Dr Cherie Sutherland
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Learn how to open your heart to the magic of angels and discover the beauty and spirituality they bring to everyday life.

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