Said to be inspired by his own nightmares, Lovecraft's writing astounds and terrifies in equal measure. His writings marry gothic horror with cosmic fantasy, from his early macabre stories to his tales of the dreamlands, and of course, his famous Cthulhu novellas, and have influenced authors from Stephen King to Neil Gaiman.

• Dagon
• Herbert West-Reanimator
• The Call of Cthulhu
• The Dunwich Horror
• The Whisperer in Darkness
• At the Mountains of Madness
• The Shadow Over Innsmouth
• The Shadow Out of Time
• The Haunter of the Dark.

This gift edition is presented with a silver embossed cover design, gilded page edges and haunting illustrations by Nigel Dobbyn, serving as a stunning collectible for any classic literature lover.

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ISBN/EAN 9781839401558
Author H.P. Lovecraft
Publisher Arcturus
Publication date 30 Dec 2021
Format Hardback
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H. P. Lovecraft: Tales of Terror

This deluxe gilded hardback edition brings together the most celebrated fiction of H.P. Lovecraft.

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