Home to 75,000 people and welcoming two million visitors a year, Galway is a seductive and addictive city to visit and a highly appealing place to live. By examining its vibrant history and unique place in Ireland's landscape, this book looks beneath the city's historical, physical, cultural, social and economic layers to reveal the distinctive tapestry and texture of the City of Tribes.

The first part of the book charts the birth and evolution of the city from the twelfth to the twentieth century; the second part looks at the architecture, neighbourhoods, cultural organisations and unique features that make up Galway's particular sense of place; the final section looks to the future and offers a vision for shaping the city to meet the challenges of its continued growth and to maintain its high quality of life.

Aimed at residents and visitors alike, Galway: A Sense of Place exposes the body and soul of the city and suggests the path it needs to follow to manage its future change and retain its enormous popularity.

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ISBN/EAN 9781908308191
Author Roddy Mannion
Publisher Liffey Press
Publication date 5 Dec 2012
Format Paperback
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Galway A Sense of Place

New review of Galway, one of Ireland’s favourite cities.

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